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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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described the explosion as a loud bang that echoed around the foyer. we've got more on the breaking news from ktvu's marty francis who has been monitoring the situation from our newsroom. monty? >> reporter: the explosion went off outside an arena just as ariana grande was finishing her last song. the explosion could be heard inside the venue and there was a mad rush as people stormed out of the manchester arena. following that explosion, there are unconfirmed reports this is the work of a suicide bomber wearing a backpack and manchester hospitals are treating patients with injuries from a nail bomb. now, you'll recall the nail bombs are used by suicide bombers and the belgium attacks last year, but again, these reports are preliminary and unconfirmed. police have confirmed 19 people are dead and about 50 others
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are injured. we also know the greater manchester police department is treating the explosion as a possible terrorist incident. now, pink balloons came down during the final song and initially concert goers thought popping balloons had set off a panic, but then as they exited arena, witnesses reported seeing people covered in blood and bodies of those killed in the explosion. now, ariana grande is a 23-year- old american pop star, and many of her fans are teenagers. there are accounts on social media from parents frantically trying to locate their children after the concert. and ariana grande's representatives says the singer herself was not injured. some witnesses reported hearing two blasts. so far police are only confirming there was one. there are reports doctors are working through the night and taxi drivers are taking frightened concert goers home for free so there are signs people are pulling together to help out in the aftermath of this tragedy. >> we understand there was some kind of controlled explosion at
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the arena a short time ago. do you know anything about that? >> police actually had this controlled explosion at a park near the arena. they were concerned about a particular item that seemed suspicious. they tweeted that item turned out to be a piece of clothing. >> monty francis in our newsroom. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on the breaking news. we'll bring you the latest throughout all of our newscasts is as well as update you on to president trump overseas. he received a warm welcome from israeli prime minister netanyahu as the president and first lady arrived in israel. the israeli leader praised the statements condemning iran and the u.s. air strike in syria following the use of chemical weapons there. >> and i want to tell you also how much we appreciate the reassertion of american leadership in the middle east. >> today we reaffirm the unbreakable bond of friendship between israel and the united states.
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a friendship built on our shared love of freedom, our shared belief in human dignity, and our shared hope for an israel at lasting peace. >> president trump visited sacred sites in jerusalem after exploring the church of the holy sepulcher, he stopped at the western wall, considered one of the world's holiest sites. tomorrow he'll visit the west bank. and here at home there are new developments in the investigation into russian interference in the financial election. according to the -- in the presidential election. according to the washington post president trump asked two top election officials to deny any evidence of collusion between his campaign and the russians in march. the white house refused to confirm or deny. lauren joins us live from washington where former national security adviser michael flynn is expected to plead the fifth. >> reporter: in a letter today,
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two of the senate intell committee, flynn's attorneys say not only will he refuse to testify before any congressional panels, but he will not hand over any documents from his time in the administration. michael flynn's decision comes less than two weeks after the senate intell committee issued asubpoena for his documents which legal experts say can be viewed as testimony and if provided, would be seen as flynn waiving his fifth amendment rights. the ranking democrat, dip an feinstein -- diane feinstein saying his refusal to testify is wrong but not unexpected. >> there's no reason for the investigation to slow down or stop. >> sources close to flynn emphasize it's not evidence of guilt or wrongdoing and he wants to testify, but only in exchange for immunity. further complicating matters for the congressional probes, the appointment of robert mueller last week as special
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counsel overseeing the fbi investigation, which could big foot congress. >> the justice department will send over a note or make a call and say, you know, really if you go there, you're stepping on an ongoing investigation and we prefer you not to go there. >> reporter: former fbi director james comey did speak with house oversite committee chair today. he says comey wants to speak to special counsel first. comey has agreed to testify in a public hearing before the senate intell committee, but has declined the senate judiciary committee. julie? >> lauren blanchard in washington tonight. new at 6:00, in sacramento lawmakers today heard opposition to a bill proposing single payer health care in california. dozens of people waited in a long line to speak about the bill at the senate appropriations committee. the bill could cover all californians while omitting copays and deductibles.
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it would cost the state $400 billion and would require a significant tax increase to pay for it. the state's entire general fund budget is $125 billion. >> even this committee's analysis of this bill estimates that an additional 15% payroll tax would be necessary to fund single parent health care in california. >> today the senate appropriations committee decided to table the measure until a more precise financial analysis is completed. california's high speed rail project took a major step forward today. the trump administration says it will release funds to electrify the caltrain tracks between san francisco and san jose. the 650 million dollar grant was delayed after congressional republicans pushed the trump administration to reject it until an audit of the high speed rail is completed. the bullet train will share the electrified tracks which were needed for the project to move forward. democratic leader nancy pelosi says california lawmakers
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played a key role. she says caltrain electrification will not only modernize a key infrastructure network in the bay area but create thousands of good page jobs in more than a dozen states across america. san jose mayor said this will provide our region with a great lift and help alleviate some of the daily commuter congestion along 101 and 280. a woman from the east bay is suing bart. she alleges that one of bart's apps secretly collects the information from users. new at 6:00, christina is in our newsroom. >> reporter: she says the privacy of users is being compromised when they use the bart watch app. bart says they are not using the app to privately track users. >> a new way to discreetly report suspicious and criminal activity. >> reporter: the bart watch app was launched in 2014, a way for
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riders to discreetly report criminal activity with their cell phones according to the promotional video on bart's website. the same app is the focus of a federal law enforcement alleging that it's involved in a clandestine collection of private information. she filed against bart and the app's maker. we spoke to her information. >> they didn't disclose the information. had she known that they were going to track her in this way, perhaps she wouldn't be utilizing the app. >> reporter: she alleges when the bart app is on, it allows them to track a unique identifier or a phone i.d. and it's location and says her privacy policy is hidden by the keyboard. >> it's not conspicuously disclosed. >> reporter: when a user first signs up for the app. >> they didn't say anything about the fact we're going to be also in the background using your app to track you and kind of create a database of
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information on people. >> reporter: she says she believes it's a violation of the state's cellular communications interception act that requires agencies to post its privacy policies very clearly. bart released a statement on their website denying the claims and saying the app is a helpful tool to report security concerns. part of it reads the safety and privacy of our riders are a priority and we want to make clear we are not using the system for any other purpose than responding to security and safety reports made by our riders. bart does not use the system to randomly track users. an app's user location information is only available if the user selects the information to share their location information. bart goes on to say they only use a users' location when they report an incident and their user agreement and privacy policy can be found in multiple areas. but she says her client's suit seeks to stop the use of the app. >> across industry standard, companies don't do this. they don't collect the type of
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information that is being collected by defendants in this case. >> the attorney estimates that anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 people who have downloaded the app could be subject to the collection of private data. and she says if bart continues to use the app, they want changes made to ensure the privacy of users. frank? >> christina in our newsroom, thank you. coming up, a bad batch of nachos claims the life of a bay area man. the warning tonight from authorities. temperatures, you see the fog behind me, they're coming down. a little bit today, but a bunch more tomorrow. first, a big scare for a family visiting san francisco after a woman tries to a little boy from his mother's arms. how bystanders helped stop the attempted abduction. >> people were trying to pull the suspect off the kid and there was screaming involved.
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a tourist family had a frightening encounter at the san francisco ferry building
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today when a woman tried to grab a small child from his mother's arms. >> police say workers and customers stepped in to help pinning down the woman until officers arrived. ktvu's tara reports. >> reporter: tourists from around the world are drawn to the ferry building for the specialty shops and laid back atmosphere but this morning terrifying moments for a family visiting from missouri. >> it was a huge commotion. >> reporter: after 9:30, bystanders say this woman who appeared to be homeless was trying to steal a 2 1/2-year- old boy right from his mother's arms. >> people are trying to pull the suspect off the kid and there was screaming involved. >> we're reviewing video at this time. on the video it appeared the subject had attempted and actually grabbed the child and that there was a bit of a struggle that ensued. >> two workers from the golden gate meat company sprang to action pinning the suspect to the ground. >> the person held the suspect down and said you're under
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citizens arrest. the suspect kept saying that was his or her son. said it was my kid. they're like no. >> reporter: the incident is drawing attention to the city's homeless and mental health crisis. the mayor who is out of town has been kept abreast of the situation and said through the mayor's upcoming budget we are putting forward a comprehensive plan focused on the well-being of those struggling with behavioral health issues. >> you don't want to think the worst of anyone but when someone has mental problems and that could happen, that's the potential, that's not something we want or a child to be hurt because of that. >> reporter: the suspect's name is jessica peavy and she has undergone a mental health evaluation. she will face a felony kidnapping charge which carries a minimum five year sentence. meanwhile the missouri family still visibly shaken from the entire ordeal was on its way to muir woods to continue its vacation. in san francisco, tara moriarty, fox 2 news. one man is in custody following a home invasion
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robbery in the bay view district of san francisco. police were called to a home at rankin street about 11:00 last night. as officers approached the front door the suspects ran out the back. police say at least one of the suspects opened fire and that an officer returned gunfire, but no officers were hit. authorities lifted a neighborhood lock down a little before 5:00 a.m. saying they don't believe there's a threat to people living there. >> we do believe though that the residence was targeted in a sense, that the subjects chose that house for a reason. can't go into specifics just yet. so we don't feel there's a larger threat to the neighborhood in general. >> at least one of the victims at the home invasion was hurt, but was home from the hospital later in the morning. police are working to figure out if the man he have in custody was the gunman. they aren't saying if a weapon has been recovered. a controversial plan to provide heroin users a safe place to shoot up in san francisco is potentially one step closer to reality. as ktvu's rob roth tells us,
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the city announced today it is a forming a task force to study how much such a plan would cost and how it would work. >> reporter: city in fran's u.n. plaza this afternoon, this man told us he's been injecting heroin two to three times a day for the past three years. he says he doesn't like anyone to see him shoot up, especially little kids. >> no child should have to experience anything like that. seeing someone shoot up? >> absolutely. >> reporter: but there soon could be a city run facility where they could safely inject drugs with a medical staff and drug counselors on site. addicts we spoke with seemed to like the idea. >> getting out of the streets and into a safe spot where we have doctors and professional staff that are there willing to help and do what they can do. that's the way to do it. >> reporter: safe injection sites have never been tried in the u.s. today fraipgd by drug treatment and homeless advocate, they announced the formation after 15-member task
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force to look at the idea. >> doing nothing is just to the something that's working here in san francisco clearly. >> reporter: the task force will take three months to study how it could work and the cost benefits of having a site as the city tackles the problem of rampant public drug use. >> if we can reduce the number of people out on the streets using, we can reduce the number of immediate dales that are being picked up or left in playgrounds and on the sidewalks. to me, that does something. >> reporter: but the california police chiefs and the state sheriff's association say the idea sanctions illegal drug abuse. >> harsher sentencing, drug policies aren't working. it hasn't helped. >> reporter: supervisor breed says if the idea proves feasible and there's enough support at city hall, a drug injection center could open by the end of the year or early next year. in san francisco, rob roth, sphox 2 news. checking in on the fog out there. it's all over the place.
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look at that. you see the fog coming up over the mountain area. the fog's getting thicker tonight. real temperature drop today. big temperature drops tomorrow. like significant. there's more fog out there on the golden gate bridge. you can see much cooler, 10 degrees cooler along the coast. just what you would expect. there's the fog from the cape all the way to point conception. the fog will stick around and thicken out. the marine layer is 1,000 feet deep. then tonight it's going to be about 1,500 feet deep and push further inland. the average coastal hills average about 1,000 feet. right now most of the cool air is trapped behind the hills. here's another shot. there's touch tower. you can see the fog kind of stuck on the head lands out there. but as it deepens out it will shoot in over the top and make it into the valley and make it into livermore valley. here's what the model shows. see how it pushes it all in? this is the time of year how
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fat the marine layer is and how thin it is. when it gets fat and thicker, things will start to cool down. that happens tomorrow in earnest. we're going to see 60s along the coast. 70s around the bay. mid to upper 80s in the hot spots with a few low 90s. that's a big departure from where we were today. that trend continues this week. a bay area mother wanted for a dui crash that killed a 3- year-old boy turns herself in. >> there were tears. obviously she knew she committed a very horrible crime. >> up next, details on her arrest and what the family of that little boy is saying. the giants on the road at wriggly. mark will tell us how they benefited from the panic attack a little later in sports. first though, developing news out of the east bay. what we're learning about a double stabbing in oakland this afternoon. who are these people?
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we are following developing news in oakland. police are investigating a double stabbing near 98 and international. it happened at a mcdonald's restaurant at about 4:15 this afternoon. officers say they were flagged down by witnesses. when they arrived at the scene, the alleged attacker had returned and was once again fighting with some of the people there. there are no details yet on what led up to this attack. we're told the two victims are now in stable condition. a woman wanted in connection with a crash that killed a 3-year-old boy last
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year surrendered today to the highway patrol. our crime reporter henry lee tells us prosecutors say the woman was impaired while driving behind the wheel. >> reporter: the defendant, yarenit malihan, turned herself in monday to the chp office in dublin eight months after the crash. she was accompanied by her attorney and was visibly upset. >> her demeanor was sad. there were tears. obviously she knew she committed a very horrible crime. >> reporter: it was back in september when a chp says she slammed into a car parked on the shoulder of highway 680 in san ramon, killing 3-year-old elijah dunn and injuring his mother. on friday the d.a. charged her with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and driving under the influence. i learned from court records that a blood test revealed she had prescription medication in her system. elijah's family requested privacy, but their attorney said they had mixed emotions. >> it's a relief she's been
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charged finally, because it's taken quite awhile. but there's also some sadness and disappointment in that she was not pressed with second degree murder charges, given the circumstances. >> this is not her first incident involving drugs or alcohol. a few months before the deadly crash, she was arrested for driving with an alcohol level of .13 while her child was in the car. more recently, yarenit malihan was arrested this month for public intoxication outside of pleasanton hospital. her blood alcohol level was .245, three times the legal limit had she been driving. in that case court records say she planned to pick up her kid, even though her license is suspended. the d.a. will not discuss its decision- making process. for her part, yarenit malihan declined an interview request from jail. henry lee, fox 2 news. fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with a plea to save the life of a man who killed sierra lamar. >> we had a lot of challenges
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and the decisions he made later in life were affected by that. >> coming up next, the testimony today from the mother of garcia torres as jurors decide when life in prison or the death penalty. new developments in the killing of a woman from the south bay known to many as miss flo. what we're learning about another arrest. and our report, a bay area clinic making the impossible possible for infertile couples. stay with us, ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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>> now to today's top stories. 19 people are dead, 50 more injured following an explosion at a ariana grande concert at manchester england. police say the incident is being treated as a terrorist attack until or unless they learn otherwise. initial reports suggest it was the work of a suicide bomber using a nail bomb that detonated outside of the arena near the box office as people were leaving. witnesses say the sound of the blast created a panic and a stampede to get away. president trump's former national security adviser michael flynn is invoking his fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination and ignoring a subpoena from the senate intelligence committee to provide documents as part of
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the probe of russian interference in the presidential election. flynn was fired in february after the administration says he misled vice-president mike pence about his communications with the russian ambassador. a woman from albany filed a class action lawsuit against bart today claiming the bart watch app is secretly collecting user information. bart urges riders to use the report to discreetly track criminal activity. bart released a statement denying the claims. it says it only knows a user's location when an incident is reported and the privacy policy is clearly posted in various locations. >> you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. a tearful mother pleading with a jury to spare her son's life. defense attorneys for tore rest began preeing their arguments today. >> jurors have to decide between life in prison without
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the possibility of parole or a death sentence. our reporter jesse was there for today's emotional testimony. >> any time you can put someone's mother on the stand to in effect plead for their life, it's something you need to do. >> aided by an interpreter, laura garcia was on the stand inside department 40 of the hall of justice as defense lawyers showed family pictures shall she told jurors since conception, he lived in a violent home environment. tearfully she testified her ex- husband was verbally and physically abusive, and that as a toddler, he intervened on three occasions to protect his mother. why are you treating my mom like this, she quoted her 5- year-old son as saying? my mom is still pretty. why are you hitting her? defense lawyers pointed to laura spending a harsh 10 hours a day picking strawberries in south county, followed in short order by a trip home to a drunk abusive husband. little supervision for him


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